Driver slams into NW Harris County home

April 3, 2013 3:24:45 AM PDT
A family in northwest Harris County is assessing damage after a car crashed into their home early Tuesday. No one in the house was hurt but the damage is significant.

It happened at around 2:30am on Shiloh Creek near Greenhouse.

The homeowner tells us he and his wife woke up to a very loud crash and found a two-seater sports car, which had gone through the two fences and across school grounds, halfway lodged into their breakfast area.

Homeowner describes this all as a bad dream. To make matters worse, the girl who did this apparently lives in neighborhood, just a couple of streets away.

"It's a big mess here, got lots of damage here," said homeowner Mukesh Dhanani. "I have to fix my house."

Dhanani and his wife are racing against the impending rain, scrambling to clean up the mess left behind after a woman drove into the back of their house.

Around 2:30am Tuesday, Dhanani woke up to a loud crash. At first he thought lightning had struck the house. He got up and discovered his furniture tossed around and a two-door white sports car lodged in his breakfast room. Inside the car was a driver asking for help.

"Immediately I called 911 and tried to tell her that EMS is on the way, so you'll be OK," Dhanani said.

Detectives say this driver must have been speeding, because she crossed over one lane, went under a chain link fence, through a second fence then eventually into the house.

Dhanani said, "I absolutely am lucky."

Despite the gaping hole in their house, and for as much as they have to clean up, the Dhananis still say they're fortunate to have escaped this ordeal, unharmed.

"You know, if the car came a little bit on her right turn, I might (be) gone," Dhanani said.

The homeowners say it'll be hard to sleep for a while.

In the meantime, the Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating cause of crash and looking into whether alcohol played a role. No charges have been filed yet.

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