Economist: Airfare should be based on traveler's weight

March 26, 2013 8:41:28 PM PDT
Over the years, we've brought you consumer stories on how to save money on airline tickets. In the future, those tips may include losing some weight. An economist in Norway is suggesting that airlines base ticket prices on the passenger's weight.

He is proposing three different pay as you weigh pricing models.

The first is total weight, in which the price is based on the weight of passengers and their luggage combined.

The second is "base fare, plus or minus extra," in which a base fare and weight are set. Passengers get a discount for every pound they are underweight, and those who are overweight must pay a surcharge for every pound.

And finally, the "high, average, low model," in which a base fare and weight are also set. Anyone under a certain threshold would get a predetermined discount, and those above a certain threshold would pay a set surcharge.

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