Former hand surgeon returns to court for divorce hearing

March 6, 2013 2:38:28 PM PST
He's no longer allowed to practice medicine in the state but he spending plenty of time in Texas fighting a legal battle. Well-known former hand surgeon Michael Brown was back in court Wednesday afternoon.

Brown was being held on $500,000 bail in Harris County Jail, but he bonded out. He is in court for allegedly violating spending restrictions while his divorce is being settled.

Brown said earlier this week in court that all the cash he has could fit into one small suitcase. But his net worth could take up far more space than that, according to the divorce attorneys opposing him.

Since he was in court Tuesday dressed in jailhouse orange, the former hand surgeon made bail. But it didn't improve his mood.

For a third day -- with his estranged wife, Rachel Brown, looking on -- the man who once headed a hand surgery empire took the stand as divorce attorneys went through a list of his assets. They are said to be many.

"Condominiums, two of them in excess of $6 million that were purchased; there was yachts -- $1.2 million, $1.7 million; all sorts of cars that were purchased," said Robert Hoffman, Rachel Brown's attorney.

Attorneys believe there are nearly a hundred violations of the court order against large purchases and expenditures by Michael Brown. One of the lawyers asked Brown if he was engaging in revenge spending directed at Rachel Brown after they separated.

"Did you tell the bankruptcy judge that these were defiant purchases because Rachel was living a good life and you deserved the same?" Hoffman asked Brown.

"That's a mischaracterization. Absolutely not. I wish her the best," Brown replied.

"Do you really?" Hoffman asked.

"I want her to be happy and healthy. I want the business to be healthy. That's the only way I have to support my children," Brown said.

Brown has two children with Rachel Brown but he hasn't seen them for more than a year. He's permitted supervised visitation but admitted on the stand he has yet to arrange one.

Brown testified that he doesn't plan to sell his yachts, choosing to rent them out as charters instead.

He also has a new startup business in Florida, a photography and art studio that specializes in nude photographs of young women.

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