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March 4, 2013 4:08:04 PM PST
If you have any spring projects, indoor or outdoors, have you considered the market place to get some cheap, or even free, items?

You might be leery of Craigslist but one couple says they have found their experience to be so great it has saved them thousands of dollars on their new home.

After buying a new home, Michael and Doreen Gallevo had little money left for other projects, so they looked to Craigslist for a way to stretch their dollar.

"I usually check the free section first since that's free," said Michael.

Doreen told us, "So if we do things a little more frugally, buying some used things, then we can do things a little more faster."

When they moved into their new home, appliances were not included so instead of buying new, they found quality used appliances.

"They're remodeling up and are getting rid of stuff that's in good working condition and just don't need it anymore," said Michael.

They spent $100 for the refrigerator which they estimate would have cost at least $400 brand new. They paid $40 on the microwave compared to $150 for a brand new one.

"I think the stove was the most expensive and that was $150," said Doreen.

And the dishwasher?

"The dishwasher is probably what we got the best deal on because it's a small size. It's not the standard size. I think those go four to five hundred dollars," Michael said.

But the Gallevos paid just $70 for it. Outside...

"Flagstone is probably our best score so far," said Doreen.

It's about $500 worth of flagstone and they got it free. They also picked up free stone to build their garden and most of this privacy fence, outlining the backyard, was free too.

"It was all used and someone had tore it down," Michael said.

Doreen told us, "Privacy fencing was something that if we had to pay full price for something, that probably would have been a lot further down our to do list."

But she says finding it on Craigslist sped up the process and for much cheaper than they otherwise would have been able to do it.

For anyone who wants to shop Craigslist classifieds, you have to keep some things in mind -- the biggie is your safety.

Michael told us, "You know you can meet people in mutual locations or during the day and you kind of get an idea when you talk to a person whether or not they're sane."

To avoid being scammed ask questions about the item you potentially want to purchase -- Why are you selling it? What's wrong with it?

"When we bought the refrigerator, we asked him to plug it in ahead of time so we could know that it was cold and it was working," said Doreen.

Some other things to keep in mind: always negotiate and don't be afraid to travel 30-45 miles to save some money, especially if it's free. That's what the Gallevos did.

As for selling items on Craigslist and making the most money, the key is to offer photos and be as specific as possible with the item you are selling.

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