New video revealed at trial of getaway driver in bank robbery, chase and shootout

January 23, 2013 3:13:51 PM PST
New video has just been released of a bank robbery and chase near Sugar Land more than two years ago because the alleged getaway driver involved in that robbery and shootout went on trial Wednesday.

The getaway driver in those bank robberies has now been convicted. Prosecutors played video in court of that chase, which ended with a deputy and a civilian hurt, and a suspect dead.

In May of 2010, Fort Bend Co. Sheriff's Deputy Charlie Scott was chasing bank robbery suspects who had just held up a Bank of America near Highway 59 and Highway 99 south of Sugar Land.

In dashcam video from his patrol car, you can see the back door of the suspect van open as a man points an AK-47 out and unleashes a hail of bullets.

"I remember patting my head. I felt that I had the back of my head blown off," said Deputy Scott.

You can hear him being shot in the video.

"He basically opened up, put 15 rounds into my car in which I was shot in the head and in the left arm," Deputy Scott said.

As emergency crews raced to Scott, the chase went on, for close to 20 minutes in all as suspect Moufak Kazzaz continued to fire at pursuing deputies through neighborhoods and down busy commercial roads. An innocent woman driving nearby at one point was also wounded by gunfire.

Kazzaz was finally killed by deputies when the chase came to an end on a dead end street. Larrylon Williams was the getaway driver. He surrendered.

Inside the van, authorities found close to $78,000 in cash which was just stolen from the bank. They found the AK-47, three other guns and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

Deputy Scott miraculously survived. A bullet fragment remains behind his left eye. Doctors say he could one day lose the eye. There's a scar on the side of his head. Several rounds shattered his wrist. He's left with limited use of his hand, but he says it's all worth it if he was able to help stop Kazzaz and Williams from hurting many others.

A jury could give Williams anything from probation to life in prison for his role in the bank robbery and shootout. The case could go to the jury as soon as Thursday.

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