Academy to begin limiting ammunition purchases


The new limitations come just as gun sales around the country continue to skyrocket.

The shooting range at Spring Guns & Ammo is just about full and the crowded showroom is actually on a slow day.

Since the mass shooting in /*Newtown*/, Connecticut, that sparked a national gun control debate, sales are up more than 400 percent at Spring Guns & Ammo. And certain products are harder to come by.

"This will hold 16 rounds, plus one in the chamber of 9mm, and because a 9mm is so difficult to get, a lot of people are buying these guns and not able to buy the amount of ammunition they want," said Patrick Woods, director of operations at the store.

Academy has become one of the first major retailers to limit certain types of ammunition to one box per customer. Gun owners contend polices limiting the purchase of ammunition will end, once the fear of strict gun control laws is over.

"It's simple economics. It's supply and demand. I think that that's fair. I think to like stock pile the stuff and some people have it and some people don't, is kind of crazy," gun owner Dave Heath said.

"It's limited right now just because of supply and demand, that's just the way it is. If it's limited legislatively, I guess I would have a little bit of a problem with that if I couldn't get the cartridges that I wanted to," gun owner Joe Wilson said.

For those in the gun and ammunition industry, the frenzy for firearms and ammo, is much like a housing bubble, and one they seen before.

"Of course in 2008, after President Obama's initial election, there was a bubble of guns sales similar to what's happening now," Woods said.

We contacted Academy to ask about the new policy, but they did not respond.

Other smaller gun shops like Spring Guns & Ammo say at this point they are not limiting the quantity of ammunition a customer buys, even though they're finding it harder to secure some types of ammunition because of demand.

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