Burglars targeting homes in Pearland area

January 15, 2013 7:17:12 PM PST
We have a Crime Tracker alert for residents in Pearland following a rash of burglaries.

There have been seven burglaries reported in just the past two weeks, with two of them happening just this morning.

Just a couple weeks into this new year and Pearland police say those unknown burglars are kicking into homes stealing jewelry, electronics and in some cases weapons.

Fear and worry. That's what's going through one homeowner's mind after a couple of burglars kicked in a back door at a home on Bruno Way Tuesday morning. The victim is so nervous about the crime now, she's too afraid to show her face on camera.

"I believe we are ordinary people. We don't know why we are being targeted," the victim told us.

The woman says she'd left her house for work Tuesday morning. Police say within minutes the unknown burglars were at her backdoor.

The homeowner says as soon as the burglars kicked through this door, her stepson was upstairs and hear a loud noise. The woman says her stepson yelled out he was calling police and those crooks panicked and quickly ran off.

"Why do they risk their life to do the burglary?" the victim asked.

About 40 minutes after that, burglary officers were rushing across town to a house on Gablepark Way. Police say a neighbor heard loud noises coming from the back of the house followed by two unknown men running from the home.

"And it was daylight already, so that doesn't even cross your mind that somebody would do that when everybody is heading to work," said neighbor Leah Mills.

This map shows the seven streets where Pearland police say burglars have kicked their way into homes so far this year.

"I guess it's a sign of where we are right now. People are getting I suppose desperate," Mills said.

Neighbors and crime victims say they just want the thieves off the streets.

Investigators say they don't know if the same group of thieves targeted each of those homes. But the say the motives in each case are all the same.

Here is a list of all the places that have been targeted:

  • January 4 - 3900 block of Kinnerton Street
  • January 5 - 2200 block of Calypso Bay Drive
  • January 8 - 3200 block of English Oaks Boulevard
  • January 10 - Villas at Shadow Creek Apartments, 2020 Business Center Drive
  • January 12 - 9100 Sundown Drive
  • January 15 - 3200 Bruno Way
  • January 15 - 3200 Gablepark Lane
They are asking anyone with information about these burglaries to call Pearland police at 281-997-4100.