Cleaning up neighborhood dumping ground

January 10, 2013 4:06:32 PM PST
A northeast Houston neighborhood has been turned into a complete dumping ground, with trash, needles, old couches and more tossed in their backyards. And these residents are sick of it.

They take pride in their neighborhood, but can only sit back and watch when others constantly treat it as a dump. Residents say it's been happening for years along Bretshire near Parker.

"On a scale of one to 10, we're 11," said Arnold Larkins, president of the Fontaine Scenic Woods Civic Club. "We're 11 with frustration."

The frustration is over piles and piles of trash illegally dumped along Bretshire Street in northeast Houston -- a problem plaguing the Fountaine Scenic Woods neighborhood for years.

"They've had boats out here before, old couches," one resident said.

Larkins said, "We've had as much as old cars dumped here."

And the fury from these eyesores, fueled by phone calls from fed up residents, has spilled over to Houston cicy council member Jerry Davis, who is now taking these messy matters into his own hands -- literally.

Davis swapped his loafers for work boots to help city crews and volunteers clean up illegal dumping sites in his district. Davis says enough is enough. Residents say it's time for permanent change.

Davis said, "We've got to come together from the government side, city side, as well as the constituents in this area to come together to begin to police this to be able to understand why this is problematic."

"We've battled this a long time but this time hopefully we'll find a remedy and we can come up with something that can make the community a little bit more livable," Larkins said.

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