Preparation can ease pain of flooding aftermath

January 9, 2013 3:57:55 AM PST
With severe weather threatening the Houston area, now is the time to get ready for any potential problems. Rain can lead to floodwaters just about anywhere, but you can take some steps now to help you after a flood.

Homeowner Steve Beckholt knows just how bad a rain storm can get. In July 2012, rain storms flooded parts of FM 2920 with nearly a foot water.

"When the 18-wheelers come by, it would make a wave up here that would crash so yeah it got pretty high in some places," he said.

Those summer storms did more than leave a huge mess behind, it taught homeowners about the importance of flood insurance.

"It's a very good case, especially in this section off 2920 where it floods very easily," Beckholt said.

The folks along FM 2920 know that when the water starts to rise it is too late to do anything but get out. That's why insurance agents say you should act now.

The most important thing is to take pictures of your belongings now.

"Most people don't think about it until something happens, but if you use even your iPhone, that stuff stores online or on the net," said Scott West with the Independent Insurance Agents of Houston.

West says those who live outside flood zones can get insurance without paying much for it, but you cannot get the coverage immediately.

"The kicker is there is a 30-day wait, so if you were to walk into or mail your check through USPS today, 30 days from now you have flood coverage," West said.

Insurance agents say flood insurance usually is not a big seller until something bad happens. Of course by then it's too late.

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