Sharp-eyed witness helps nab burglary suspects

There was a smash and grab at a Midtown restaurant and the would-be thieves were targeting more than two dozen bottles of alcohol and a TV set.

January 8, 2013 10:59:21 AM PST
For the fourth time in two months a popular Midtown restaurant is once again targeted by thieves. The crooks broke into the Reef restaurant off Travis and McGowan, but thanks to a vigilant neighbor police were able to catch the trio of suspects.

Investigators are interviewing the suspects to determine if they may be connected to any other break-ins around Midtown.

Restaurant owner Bryan Caswell spent another morning replacing glass at Reef in Midtown. Just after midnight police say three thieves used a crow bar to force their way in and steal a TV and dozens of bottles of liquor from the bar.

"It's been the fourth time in two months that we've been broken into," Caswell said. "Same door, same thing, TV, bunch of booze."

But the trio of burglars didn't get far, thanks in part to eyewitness Matt Gaines.

"I saw some an individual run out with a TV under his arm," he said. "I saw them jump in a car so I just got the license plate and called the police."

In minutes the alert went out over police radios. Blocks away an off-duty police officer spotted and arrested the crooks.

"Luckily, an off-duty cop, a concerned citizen and HPD, they saved the day," Caswell said. "I feel great about it."

As do his neighbors...

"I'm glad whoever done that jumped into action and everything," said Charles Barnes. "That's a good thing."

For Gaines, that quick action took no thought at all.

"Just wanted to look out for them and try to do the right thing," he said.

Burglary charges are pending against the male suspect, but so far the two female suspects have not been charged.

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