Would-be victims subdue robbery suspect

January 4, 2013 4:32:06 PM PST
A robbery suspect is in jail right now thanks to strangers who worked together to stop him. Police say the man tried to rob a Walgreens, but customers and employees fought back.

Customers and employees didn't know how dangerous it might be, but they knew they didn't want this guy to get away.

Inside the Rosenberg Walgreens on Avenue H near Millie on Thursday night, a cashier tried to stop a man who lunged over the counter to grab money from the cash register.

"First thought in my mind was, no, no, no, no -- this isn't right," he recalled. "I literally latched on to his arm and started pulling."

The cashier didn't want us to identify him out of fear that the suspect or someone he knows seek retribution.

"I started yelling, 'He's trying to take the money, trying to take the money!' It got the manager's attention right away," the cashier said.

Police say Brian Eugene Jones, 46, grabbed for the cash after several customers in the store denied his requests for money just moments prior. As he escaped the cashier's grasp, a manager and several customers tried to keep him from running.

Ozzie Martinez was one of those customers. He says it was instinct, maybe something he learned during his junior high and high school football days.

He said, "They're calling me a hero here. Everybody at the store last night was calling me a hero. I felt great! Felt good."

Martinez, the cashier nor anyone else in the store knew if Jones was armed. But they were able to overpower him and hold him until Rosenberg police could respond.

"I'm glad they were there," Martinez said.

Jones is in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail, accused of robbery.

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