HPD: Man robs three different people, shoots one of his victims

January 1, 2013 4:16:46 AM PST
Police want to find the suspect who robbed three different people and ended up shooting one of his victims.

The suspect went on a mission in the Museum District and ended up shooting a man on La Branch near Wichita. It all went down around 9:30 last night. According to Houston police, the suspect was waiting at an apartment complex when he robbed a man and a woman who live here at gunpoint in their driveway, then tried to do the same to somebody else.

The robber shot the man at least once in the torso before running off. That man is now in intensive care...

"I think it was just a random act where he saw an opportunity to rob several people as they were in transit, coming and going from their residence," said Ken Nealy, HPD robbery investigator.

Investigators wouldn't say what the man took from those people. They are still searching for him.