Crews rescue driver from truck in bayou

December 31, 2012 4:08:59 PM PST
Rescue crews were called in to help after a pickup truck ran off the road and into the water of Brays Bayou in southwest Houston.

A woman was driving along north Braeswood near Mullins Drive when she swerved to miss a man, then struck a small tree and careened straight over the edge, 25 feet down to the concrete floor of the bayou. She flipped her pickup, but miraculously she suffered only minor injuries, firefighters said.

On rain slicked streets, the accident happened fast. A woman was driving east on north Braeswood when a man ran out on the street in front of her.

Witness Pastor Hope Steen said, "There was a gentleman who ran across the street, and as she tried to avoid hitting someone, she bumped up along the bayou, went over the edge of the bayou and went down into the water where the truck flipped over on its side."

Pastor Steen, who witnessed the accident, snapped photos seconds later. The woman's white truck crashed to the bottom of the bayou and flipped on its side.

"There was a bystander on a mountain bike, and he was on top of the vehicle upon our arrival," explained HFD Capt. Chad Guest. "He was just calming her and actually did an outstanding job."

Water was in the vehicle but wasn't rising. The bystander helped her as the woman pulled herself out of the window and waited for rescuers.

Rescuers from Fire Station 51B arrived, and when they brought the woman to the ambulance they were surprised at how well she was doing.

"She was just mainly shook up and cold, and a few minor injuries," Capt. Guest said.

"We were all grateful she looked like she was not hurt that bad," said Pastor Steen.