Disabled mother a victim of police chase crash earlier this month in NW Harris Co.


That victim is struggling now to foot the bill after her car was damaged in her own garage. Her insurance isn't covering it and the suspect is nowhere to be found.

It was on December 13 close to 11pm when a short police chase down Elmtree Estates ended in a house on Prairie Village. Billy Walters, Jr. is wanted for burglary. He ditched his Jaguar and fled on foot, but the car didn't stop until it slammed into the garage of Graciela Alarcon's home.

"Just hit the car so badly. It's just totaled," Alarcon told Eyewitness News.

Alarcon is disabled due to her arthritis and other health issues. She uses a walker and wheelchair to get around. This car was her only way to get to doctor's appointments and to run errands. A mechanic tells her it can't be fixed.

"It's very frustrating. That night I couldn't stop crying," said Alarcon.

She doesn't live extravagantly. She depends on disability checks to pay living expenses. She says she has only liability insurance on her car because it's all she can afford. She doesn't have renter's insurance.

Walters has never been found so she can't seek payment from his insurance company at this point, if he even has any.

"There's no way we can get nowhere. I can't get nowhere without a car," she said.

Alarcon has two adult children, but they attend college full time. She doesn't want their studies to be impacted should they have to get a job to help save enough for a new car. She's hoping someone might turn Walters in or be willing to help her out of this situation. In her words, she is hoping for a miracle.

If you know where detectives might find Bill Walters, Jr., the man who detectives say caused all this damage, you are asked to call the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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