Two suspects arrested in Third Ward after wild police chase through south side


A pair of 35-year-olds identified as Oscar Melvin Brown and Kimberly King are both in custody. Houston police say their first mistake was driving in a stolen truck, but that was just the beginning.

On the day after Christmas, the police chase traveled down Highway 288 and the South Loop, then on several side streets. Brown, who was the driver, nearly hit a garbage truck in the Third Ward area, then crashed into a parked vehicle. Soon after, the chase ended with a head-on collision in the Third Ward when the truck hit two HPD patrol cars, which were apparently trying to block him in.

What prompted the chase was a pair of felony warrants against King, who had been under surveillance by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force.

"As they're conducting surveillance, she gets into a vehicle which is stolen. The undercover units asked for patrol backup. They go to initiate a traffic stop and the vehicle takes off," said HPD Sgt. Andrew Orozco.

After the truck crashed, Brown took off running with police in pursuit, plus an HPD K-9, who pulled Brown off a fence as well as some of his clothes.

Neighbors saw it all near Gray and Sauer.

"I saw him when they took his shirt off. They had him on the ground. I thought they had him handcuffed, then I saw his arm waving and when he did that, he got up," said Brenda Pruett.

Police used a Taser, but Brown fled. The K-9 attacked once more and was choked in the process, but he brought the foot chase to a halt. Nearly a dozen officers arrived to finally bring Brown into custody.

An officer involved in the pursuit had a makeshift splint on his wrist as well.

"The officer is at the hospital getting his hand looked at. The suspect was looked at by HFD personnel and determined to be OK," said Sgt. Orozco.

Brown was OK enough to be loaded into a police car. King was also taken into custody.

And Jake the police dog earned a treat.

King will be sent over to the Harris County Jail on those two outstanding felonies of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Brown is facing two charges of aggravated assault of a peace officer -- one against Jake the police dog -- as well as car theft.

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