HCSO: Driver flees after fatally striking woman


According to officials, Andrea Davina Senteno was reportedly standing in the middle of Highway 249 near West Mount Houston just after 6am when she was fatally struck by an eastbound red Ford F-150 pickup truck.

"It's sad. Very sad," local business owner Peter Scott said.

By the time Scott arrived at his nearby barbecue restaurant at 7am, the damage was done.

"I just seen the ambulance and fire department and everything down there," he said. "I already knew what happened. People get hit on this street all the time. It's nothing new."

Two people reported seeing Senteno. The first 911 call came in at 6:04am to report a woman standing in the middle of the roadway. The second call came in at 6:07am to report that a woman had been hit.

The second witness was driving about 1,000 feet behind the striking vehicle when he saw the collision happen. He stopped, called 911 and stayed with the woman until emergency crews arrived. She died at the scene.

"It was dark at the time. The witness can't confirm if she was walking across the road or walking in the road, east or westbound," Anders said.

Investigators are still trying to piece together where Senteno was coming from and where she was going at 6am on a Saturday. She was alone and dressed in house clothes, but we've learned she was possibly the mother of young children.

A young mother herself, Raquel Blaine lives nearby and says people walk on the shoulders of Highway 249 and West Mount Houston all too often. Saturday morning's accident may now change her method of getting around.

"I get nervous because there's no sidewalk," Blaine said. "I mean, sometimes I have to walk, but I never walk down there. And people late at night, they don't watch where they're driving. There's no lights."

If you witnessed the accident or have information on the driver, call the HCSO Traffic Division at 713- 274-7400.

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