Strangers help family whose Christmas was stolen


"For this to happen, I can't believe it," said Baby Dominguez.

All seemed bleak for Dominguez and her family

"What am I going to tell them about the gifts? A robber took them?" she said.

No presents, no cash and a tree left in ruins; Dominguez was struggling to tell her children about the crooks who broke in and stole from them.

Now, the news is better. Viewers responded with gift cards and cash.

"Oh, it's money," said Dominguez when she opened an envelope from viewers that we brought her. "Oh my God. Thank you so much."

Earlier, there were presents; donated guitars for the kids.

And after our first visit, Julie Castillo and her children pulled up with a truckload of presents made possible in part by her employer, MM Sales.

"We didn't want the kids to go without a Christmas," said Castillo.

And now they won't have to. There's a box for both of Dominguez's children as well as her little nephews and niece, whose gifts were also stolen.

Both mothers got something, too. And where there was once nothing, there is plenty.

Of course, they didn't do it for the recognition, but we want to give credit to Terrance Combs, Andrew Jones, 'a friend' in West University, Castillo and MM Sales. There are many more that say they want to help.

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