Channelview church struck by thieves


It happened last weekend at Jesus Es Rey Church on Woodforest Boulevard near Redstone in Channelview. Church leaders believe the suspects tore through a back gate and used pallets to climb through a window. But it's what they did once inside the has church members wondering what they'll do next.

Monica Dominguez said, "They came in through the outside and knocked it over. The AC was actually on the floor and there was a lot of wood chips and mess on the floor."

Dominguez says after the thieves crawled into her parents' small store front church they quickly went to work grabbing sound equipment and as many instruments as they could carry.

"They took our piano, two guitars, our bass," she said. "They took four speakers that we had, and an amplifier."

And they didn't stop there. She says the suspects rummaged through a back room at Jesus Es Rey Church and stole a television, then walked over to the water cooler and grabbed it.

The church, with about 30 members, is now trying to cover about $3,000 in damages. Monica's mother and co-pastor says as she prepares for Sunday's a capella Christmas service, she'll have a special prayer on her heart for those responsible.

"We pray for them and our arms are open for them," she said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating, but they currently have no suspects and no leads.

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