Package thief caught on camera stealing gifts from porch


Neighbors in one Spring community are on alert, but this is a warning for anyone expecting packages. Residents say they've learned it doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in, packages just aren't safe on porches.

"I was expecting a package from K-Mart," said homeowner Jennifer Velez.

Six days before Christmas that package, a present for Velez's preschooler, arrived.

"It was a four piece toddler Lightning McQueen bed set and upholstered chair for my four-year-old," she said.

A surveillance camera mounted outside her home shows the UPS delivery man placing two boxes on the doorstep of the family's Spring home while they were away. But Velez says she's still in shock by what her surveillance camera captured next. A black Dodge Charger can be seen backing into the Velez family's driveway. A female suspect gets out and pops the trunk.

"(She) picked up my little package, threw it in her trunk," Velez explained.

The video then shows the suspect open her rear car door before running back to the house.

"(She) picked up the big package. It wouldn't fit in her car so she had to adjust her front seat to get that second package in like she owned the place," Velez said.

"That just blows my mind that you can be that bold," said neighbor Naomi Melton. "I mean, what are we even coming to that you feel that comfortable coming to somebody else's property and just take your precious time and take their things. That is just beyond me."

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office is now searching for the suspect who Velez is calling a Grinch, and this mom has a message for her.

"I want my stuff back," she said. "I want it back. We have already made a police report. You're going to get caught eventually so bring my stuff back."

The suspect's car is described as a 2006 - 2010 black Dodge Charger, with pink writing on the license plate and large, dark, '3-blade' rims.

Anyone with information about the vehicle or the suspect is asked to call to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office at 281-446-1196.

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