Police investigating fatal shooting near TSU campus

Police investigate a fatal shooting at an apartment complex near the campus of TSU.

December 20, 2012 4:05:08 AM PST
An intruder was fatally shot by an apartment complex resident near the Texas Southern University campus last night, say police.

It happened around 8:30pm on Wentworth and Ennis in Houston's Third Ward. Police say a man, who is a TSU student, was in an apartment complex with his girlfriend and two-year-old child when he heard a loud noise outside.

When he went to check it out, an armed man forced his way into the apartment.

"They heard a loud commotion from the back of the apartment,' said Officer Christopher Hassig with the Houston Police Department. "He wasn't entirely certain if it was a window or a door. He went to investigate and the suspect pushed his way in."

The resident shot and killed the intruder. Police say it does not appear the two knew each other.

The resident was taken downtown to be questioned. It's unclear at this time if he will be charged.