Parents of murdered children pray for CT families


We were with parents who look forward to the third Tuesday of every month, when they know they'll be among friends who truly know what they've been through. But on this Tuesday night, their hearts ached even more.

In the basement of Grace United Methodist in the Heights, there's a group no one wants to join. But it's also one everyone is grateful exists.

"The holidays are some of the roughest times," mother Carolyn Hardin said.

Parents of murdered children met Tuesday night for their monthly meeting, not only carrying their pain of losing a child but also weighted down with more grief.

"It's been almost 15 years, I still hurt everyday of my life," Hardin said.

"It's like reliving it again, except my son was 23, and these poor innocent babies were just babies, they were angels," mother Maria Castro said.

Sure the circumstances are worlds apart. But they all can relate.

"I think about my son and I know what the mothers and fathers are going through," Hardin said.

Each mother and father here shared their story and also said a few words about the victims of /*Sandy Hook Elementary*/, starting with a prayer.

Because for most here, like Hardin, if she could be there she would.

"I'd like to just be able to hold them and tell them we're here for you," she said.

There is a chapter of Parents of Murdered Children in New York, but it's near Newtown. Parents here hope families in Connecticut will take advantage of it.

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