Salvation Army helps turn around lives of two once-homeless women


Monique Anderson is a top employee at Sam's Club.

"Her smile's infectious, great personality, one of the individuals that we definitely depend on in our front lanes," her boss, Tony Puente, said.

But until six months ago, Anderson and her young son were homeless.

"I was at the Salvation Army, which I'm very grateful," Anderson said.

Last Christmas, we met Anderson at the Salvation Army family residence where she had decorated her shelter door. But in July, with the help of the Home Sweet Home program, Anderson and her son moved into their own apartment.

"Every month, I go back and talk, and I know it was like family and I was able to save up some money to get back on my feet," Anderson said.

Latarsha was also living at the Salvation Army last Christmas with her two daughters. Today, she has a new home, too, as well as a job, and she's going to school hoping to become a nurse. It's all with the help of the Home Sweet Home program.

"They gave them bikes already, and we're gonna get toys for later this month for Christmas. They just help you not have so much on your shoulders when you're starting back new," Latarsha said.

But the help is more than gifts. It's advice and wise counsel, too.

"Maybe they didn't do so well on their budget last month, and this month what can we do to make that happen so they don't have to come back to the shelter," Home Sweet Home Coordinator Robyn Elmore said.

And it's made a difference: two families with new homes and new hope this Christmas season.

"I'm so grateful because I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them," Anderson said.

"It helps. It helps with bills, it helps," Latarsha said.

There are 10 women in the Home Sweet Home program, and the goal is for every one of them to have the success of Anderson and Latarsha.

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