Rice program releases apps for young science students


Six new apps have been released by STEMscores, a K-12 science curriculum at Rice. The apps are designed to teach science to young students through games and songs. They're now available on Android devices through Google Play and in the app store for the iPad.

The app covers science topics for grades K-5. Plans are in the works to expand to also include grades 6 to 8.

SciRave was first developed by Rice chemist James Tour to teach students science through unique and creative means.

"Students can sing along to science songs while matching a series of moving arrows with destination targets," said Reid Whitaker, director of STEMscopes and executive director of the Rice Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship. "It's a meeting of kinesthetic learning and music packed with science content."

According to Rice, STEMscopes has become the top online science curriculum in Texas, with more than 1.2 million student users.

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