Man accused of downloading child porn over his neighbor's Wi-Fi


Jeremy Michael Edwards, 30, is accused of downloading child porn and of being a deceptive neighbor. The combination landed him in handcuffs Wednesday morning, being frisked by deputy constables.

Nickolas Markeson said, "I'm like what the hell is going on?"

Markeson said that Edwards lives behind him in the mobile home park in New Caney and he thought the man was a good friend and neighbor until Montgomery County Precinct 4 deputies showed up to raid Markeson's home Wednesday morning.

"They were saying something about they were looking for child pornography," Markeson said. "They asked me about a certain site that I'd never heard of."

Markeson says the problem is that he was allowing his neighbor to use his Wi-Fi password to access the internet for months. Investigators say Edwards was using Markeson's IP address to secretly view and download numerous images of child pornography.

'When I found out that this was going through my line, I was speechless," Markeson said. "I couldn't even figure out what was going on after that."

Deputies raided Edwards' home, seizing computers and other electronics. He's now in jail charged with three felony counts of possession of child pornography. And Nickolas Markeson says he feels betrayed by a so-called friend.

"If you have a Wi-Fi modem, I would suggest you shut off the Wi-Fi, or put a very difficult passcode to lock up your router," he suggested.

Edwards is being held at the Montgomery County Jail on $90,000 bond.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 is working on this investigation along with Department of Homeland Security and the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.

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