Ben Hall, Annise Parker to face off again in 2013 mayoral race


Former city attorney Ben Hall says this time, he's really ready to run for mayor.

"I intend to be on the ballot, if the Lord gives me good health in 2013," Hall said.

The longtime trial lawyer has flirted with politics before, almost jumping into the mayor's race four years ago, when Parker was running for her first term. This time, he says he's in it to win, and he's sounding confident.

"We have a strong coalition between moderate conservatives, liberal Democrats, African Americans and Hispanic voters," Hall said.

But Hall may have company. James Noteware, the city's former housing director, has confirmed to Eyewitness News that he is seriously considering running for mayor. Mayor Parker hired Noteware in 2010, but he quit earlier this year.

Former Parker campaign manager Adam Harris points out neither man has any experience running for office.

"The idea you're going to knock off an incumbent mayor is a stretch, at most, it's excessively difficult to knock of an incumbent mayor. It hasn't been done since Bob Lanier beat Kathy Whitmire," Harris said.

For her part, Mayor Parker has been tamping rumors that she's being considered for a job in President Obama's administration. Earlier this week, she Tweeted:

"How do rumors get started? Folks keep congratulating me on my new job! LOL. I'm very happy with the job I have. Planning on 3 more years.-a"

Harris suggests a better approach maybe to wait until 2015, when Parker would be term-limited out.

"It'd be less difficult for you, it's an open seat," he said.

But Hall isn't waiting, saying he's ready to put his own millions on the line to run.

"Are you willing to put your own money behind it?" we asked him.

"I will," he said.

Eyewitness News also spoke with a third potential candidate, but that person wasn't ready to publicize it yet.

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