Authorities searching for suspect who shot and killed alleged drunk driver who fatally struck two boys


The boys were fatally struck last Friday along County Road 144. The driver who hit them was found dead from a gunshot wound close to the accident scene. Now several families are dealing with the shocking loss.

A mother breaks down, too distraught to speak as she watches friends and family build a makeshift memorial of flowers, teddy bears and crosses.

"It really hurt a lot of us," said family friend Jose Roman.

A few streets down another family mourns.

"It was an accident. He didn't purposely do that," said Janie Tellez, aunt of the shooting victim.

Brazoria County investigators say the Barajas family was driving home late Friday night when they ran out of gas. David, 12, Caleb, 11, and their father, David Sr., jumped out of the truck and started pushing. Deputies say 20-year-old Jose Banda was driving drunk when he slammed into them.

"One boy was killed on scene and the other was LifeFlighted where he was pronounced dead at the hospital," said Brazoria Co. Sheriff's Office criminal investigator Dominick Sanders. "Witness statements say that there was some gunfire heard after the crash."

Banda was found dead in his car with a gunshot wound to his head. Investigators have spent the past four days combing the area for weapons, but haven't found anything yet.

We asked if the family has been cleared as suspects.

"At this time, we're still looking into it. We haven't had any formal suspects listed," said Sanders.

"Whoever did it is getting away with murdering my nephew. He deserves justice," said Tellez.

The site of the accident is only about 50 yards away from where the victims' family lives.

Investigators tell us they have not been able to speak with the Barajas family since the incident. The investigation continues.

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