Family struggling to find help for sex abuse victim


The family of one of the children involved in this case says getting to and through the trial will be just one step. Facing the rest of his life is yet another.

It's been unbearable for Susan to watch their son is going through.

"He's never been in trouble," she said.

But her son became very troubled after coming forward a couple of years ago, admitting he was one of several victims in a child sex abuse case.

Her real name is not Susan, but we're calling her that in order to conceal her identity and protect her son.

"My son is not crazy, he's just been through some serious stuff that no child should ever have to go through," Susan told us.

The family has been in and out of hospitals trying to get him help with his depression and suicidal thoughts.

"They medicate you and basically say your insurance is done, so we've got to send you home," she said.

Because he's diabetic and already on Medicaid, it's caused many roadblocks.

"We put our trust into the system," Susan said.

"The book just doesn't close. It doesn't stop after the case, after the offender is sentenced, after the trial might be over," said Andy Kahan with the mayor's crime victims office.

Families of many victims are eligible for reimbursement through the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, but they were told are not.

"That's where it gets tricky," Texas State Rep. Garnet Coleman said.

Coleman has authored dozens of bills dealing with mental health in the state of Texas, which ranks close to last in funding.

"The issue is not just getting them into care, the issue is getting them into treatment outside of a hospital," Coleman said.

Susan realizes her son will never be the same.

"As far as having my old son back, that will probably never happen," she told us.

But she believes a program that lasts a couple of months, rather than a couple of days, is his best hope.

The man charged in connection to this case, 44-year-old Douglas Katzenberger, is scheduled for trial in February at the Harris County Criminal Courthouse. He's charged with four felony counts involving sexual abuse of children.

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