One person killed, 11 injured in pedestrian-bus accident near Texas Medical Center


The accident happened just before 5:45pm Wednesday in the 1700 block of Holcombe Boulevard after the driver of a bus carrying Med Center employees somehow lost control. Investigators tell us even a passenger on that bus tried to help as that driver lost control.

As thousands of Med Center workers finished their day, the sound of the crash caught their attention.

"It was loud," witness Neno Mesa said.

Police say the driver of this shuttle bus carrying employees lost control and crashed into a stoplight pole, pinning a woman between the two and initiating a big effort by those around to try and save her.

"They tried to push, even me, I tried to go and hurry and help but no way, the bus couldn't be moved," Mesa said.

"A bunch of people ran up and were passing out on the ground, I guess from what they were seeing. The rest of us were just counting to three and pushing, counting to three and pushing. We were trying to get it off of her," Med Center employee Alexis Perez said.

This accident involved their own.

"I'm just concerned and curious to know who it is," Houston Fire Department Chief Fernando Herrera said.

Firefighters say 11 people were transported. Five were treated at the scene.

"When the first units arrived on location, there were many people sitting here on the grass who exited the vehicle on their own," Herrera said.

A woman waiting to cross the street never made it home tonight.

"I walk this way every day to and from work. I always cross at the crosswalk because I know how dangerous it can be," Medical Center employee Allison Laudano.

Those around just watched with sadness knowing it could have just as easily been one of them.

"I'm thankful, thankful for my family and to be alive. I just pray for her family," Perez said.

Investigators say they have not yet ruled out the possibility the driver of that shuttle bus may have had some kind of medical condition right before the crash.

The female victim has been identified as 43-year-old Carlet Michelle Blake.

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