Detectives: Homeowner shoots burglary suspect


Harris County investigators say a homeowner shot a suspected burglar. A gun was this man's weapon but earlier, it was technology for another homeowner.

One burglary suspect got as far as this gas station on West Mount Houston before calling 911 himself and asking for help. Not only had he been shot, but his car couldn't go much farther either. The back tires had been hit by bullets as deputies say he screeched away from this home not far away.

The homeowner surprised two suspected burglars. One has yet to be found.

"Smile for momma," the deputy told one of the suspects as they walked past Eyewitness News cameras.

To the north and a few hours earlier -- in a separate and unrelated break-in -- deputies were happy to walk two young men past the camera. The officers chased them down but it was the woman who lives there who helped make the arrests happen. Cameras installed less than a month ago caught two men in her home in real time.

"It was eerie because it's happening right now," the victim's employee said.

The homeowner watched the burglary live on her cell phone while also relaying information to the sheriff's office. The homeowner declined an interview. But her employee, also concerned for her safety, did speak to us.

"We were able to call and she was telling the cops, 'They're in my house now. I'm watching them. They're going down the stairway.' And they were like, they're in your house now? And she was like yes I'm looking at them on the phone," the victim's employee said.

The security system got officers there quickly. They later discovered a cache of stolen items, including a gun in the suspects' car down the street.

The homeowner was still being questioned by investigators late Tuesday. He told officers he came home to find two men in his house, went to his vehicle, got his gun and went from there.

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