Police investigating death threat against Houston Councilman Al Hoang


Councilman Al Hoang appears to be locked in a political battle over how to battle the communist regime of his home country of Vietnam. It's now escalated to the point of someone leaving an explosive device on the doorstep of his home.

When Hoang greeted the nanny at his home Tuesday morning, both noticed an odd item -- a bottle filled with a pungent liquid.

"I just don't want my kids to be exposed to these kinds of things. They are very scared," Hoang said.

Houston police say around 7:45am, they received a call regarding the suspicious item. Officers responded and determined the bottled was filled with a flammable liquid. Bomb squad agents arrived and removed the possible Molotov cocktail.

A neighbor says his wife was so worried that she called him home from work.

"She talked to the bomb squad people and they said they'd found a Molotov cocktail, whatever it actually was and it didn't do anything so they felt good about that,"

Hoang, who fled his communist native country Vietnam in 1975, says he believes the retaliation is from fellow Vietnamese Americans who want him to advocate a violent overthrow of the communist government of his home country.

As an officer watched over his house overnight, the Houston councilman says he hopes that was the last of any political strong army.

"What they want to do is scare me and to threaten me so that I can back down but I will not back down," Hoang said.

HazMat is now testing the liquid to determine its exact contents.

Meanwhile, HPD is looking at potential suspects.

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