Generous store steps in with gifts for family without furniture


This all started with an email. We learned of a local mother of three sleeping on the floor of their one bedroom apartment. But thanks to a local furniture store, that apartment is now more like a real home.

A broken futon has served as a bed for Jennifer DeFoe and her three kids for months.

"We pretty much just pulled the mat on the floor and we were laying on the floor," she said.

But that's not the case anymore. When Jennifer's mom told us about the living conditions of her daughter and grandkids, we called our friends at Southwest Furniture. They set up bunk beds for the older boys, a real bed for mom and a crib for the baby.

"We are just trying to help out the community," said Carolina Jasso with Southwest Furniture.

Jasso tells us the company typically helps veterans but answered the call when we asked if they could help a mom in need this year.

"She has three kids and we were willing to help her," Jasso explained. "She did not have any food and we went ahead and gave her some food."

The family also got cookware. DeFoe says the food came at the right time.

"I was ecstatic about this food, because we were almost out," she said. "So I am really grateful."

For Jennifer's boys, the best part is their new sleeping arraignment.

"Now I am going to sleep on the top bunk," declared Jacorey DeFoe.

Thanks to Southwest Furniture. The family is very grateful to them for all their help.

Jennifer is currently enrolled at Houston Community College and is working on getting a job in the veterinary field.

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