Flasher targeting park visitors in northwest Houston


Neighbors told us they thought the flasher was gone after police set up a sting operation there during the summer. But this week neighbors are warning that half-naked man is back and approaching more women.

Some women visiting TC Jester Park are on edge. Alice Woloben is one of them.

"Very, very -- you don't know what's around the corner," she said.

Neighbors say a suspicious man has been seen exposing himself to innocent park visitors. Police say it has happened along the walking trails and close to the playground. The crime has guys like Michael Bobino on high alert now too.

"Oh, that's sad, very sad," he said. "For children to be out here also, and I come out here mostly every day."

At least three women have complained to neighbors about seeing the park flasher since Sunday. Police say they've only received one official report about the half-naked man so far this week.

Lt. Rachel Garza with the Houston Police Department said, "Unfortunately, his M.O. is to cover his head with some type of T-shirt or clothing. And it's so dark outside that they can't even determine his race."

Eyewitnesses say the unknown man typically hides in the trees along the running trails early in the morning or when night falls. They say he jumps from behind the tress, exposes himself and quickly runs off.

"I hope they catch him, because now I'm going to be vigilant out here now, to see if I could catch him," Bobino said.

Police are warning park visitors against approaching the man. They say they don't know what this guy may be capable of.

"Please don't put yourself into any kind of harm, danger," Lt. Garza said. "Just go the other way and contact us and we'll take care of it."

Police are encouraging folks to walk in pairs and to be very mindful of the surroundings. They suggest reporting any suspicious activity to HPD.

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