Homeowners in Katy neighborhood upset over towed vehicles


There is very little parking available in Lakeville, everyone agrees on that. But on average one to two cars are towed every day and some homeowners say it's unwarranted and has to stop.

Resident Andre Smith said, "I've seen it almost every day, or every other day."

"My brother's car is a Honda," said resident Amin Mohammed. "He got it towed once because it was right on the curb."

Cars are towed for being parked too close to the grass or on the curb. Some residents wrote to us complaining a tow truck driver contracted with the neighborhood is towing for no reason. They believe he cruises their streets, waiting to bust people. He typically tows vehicles at night and without notice.

"That's not right," said homeowner's association president Richard Zerweck. "We can't have that."

But Zerweck says that's not the case.

"We didn't create this rule," he said. "This rule is only something we're trying to enforce."

Zerweck says the association is just upholding deed restrictions. While street parking on private roads and driveways is fine, it must be reasonable. But he says parking on the grass and curb threatens underground pipes and destroys Lakeville's beauty.

"There was a car parked on the grass and it broke the water pipe, and they haven't fixed the water pipe yet," Zerweck said.

The homeowner's association board has only been in place for six months. Its management company says the towing police went out to all residents in May with the annual meeting notice. They say the policy is enforced no matter if you are a homeowner or a renter.

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