Patton Village meeting adjourns without vote on employees' fate


A special meeting was called Monday night by three city council members who are looking to hit the reset button after Patton Village became at the center of much negative publicity.

The mayor, Pamela Munoz, was arrested early this year for misuse of city funds for personal gain, and several other former city employees also were charged.

That was the tipping point for at least three council members. They're ready to give pink slips to every city employee, and make them reapply for their, jobs including drug screenings and background checks.

However, their agenda couldn't move forward Monday night. Only three council members showed and four were needed to officially hold a meeting.

"I'm hoping they'll come and take their seats. They were elected to their seats, they need to show up, take care of business," Patton Village Councilman Randy Lefevre said. "I figured they would come and honor their seats. People voted them in, they need to be here."

Munoz is out on bond and is still mayor as her case makes its way through the courts. City Council can't fire her, but some are proposing to drop her salary to minimum wage.

However, in order to discuss and vote on any of their proposals, a total of at least four council members must be present at the meeting. A second special meeting has been scheduled for Thursday.

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