Thieves steal from small church in Alvin


Church members say they have been saving up money to expand the Road Of Life Church, located in the 29000 block of Highway 6 in Alvin, but they are now struggling after being hit by thieves -- twice.

According to members, thieves took large speakers, music equipment, projection equipment and more. They estimate damages at around $6,000.

The small church of about 40 members just moved into a trailer so they could begin to expand, but financial setbacks keep coming.

Members tell us they had saved money to purchase a security system, but another break-in last week left them with some equipment missing from their well.

They church had to pay $750 to repair the well so they would have water, so they weren't able to purchase the security system that could have saved them from this weekend's burglary.

"For somebody to come into a church and do that makes it even harder," member Juli Hill said. "And for us to work so hard from yard sales to bake sales to get here to do this. And eveybody knows we're just a little small church.

The church started in a tent about a year ago. They've since grown into a trailer and have been raising money to build a bigger facility.

The congregation has even collected aluminum cans to raise money for their building. They say these setbacks will not stop them.

The church went forward with Sunday morning and evening worship services.

If you have any information on these thefts, you are asked to call the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office.

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