Restaurant owner provides Thanksgiving meal to 20 needy families across Houston area


Hubcap Grill owner Ricky Craig is showing Juan Davila the food he and his sister will eat for Thanksgiving.

"We have a whole turkey of course, macaronia and cheese," Craig said.

Craig gave the young man and his sister a box filled with a turkey and all the trimmings.

"I don't know how she heard of you," Davila asked Craig.

"It was on social media, my Twitter account," Craig replied.

Craig decided to help local needy families after he overheard a boy asking his mom a question at a gas station.

"A little kid in the back seat rolled down the back window, and 'Hey mommy, are we gonna have any food for Thanksgiving? Are we gonna be able to eat?' And the mom turned and looked to the little boy and was like 'I'm not sure sweety. I'll try.' And that right there, it literally stopped me right there in my tracks," Craig said.

Craig then decided to put out the word on Twitter that he would give a hundred dollars worth of food to needy families. The response was overwhelming. Craig chose 20 families, about 80 people in all.

"We're gonna have a good feast out of what he gave us right now and I appreciate what he did," Davila said.

Craig tells us many of the families he is helping never had a Thanksgiving dinner.

"You'd be surprised how a lot of people will contact me back with we never cooked before, we never had Thanksgiving before, we never had a turkey," he said.

Now, Craig has a message for those who are giving him thanks for helping in their time of need.

"And the last thing I want to say is, don't thank me, thank God because God has blessed me with this business and I'm very fortunate and through God and this business I can be able to provide these other families," Craig said.

Ricky Craig tells us that this experience has moved him so much that he is going to start his own charity to help give back to others in need.

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