Man shocked to find he had been shot while checking mail at Richmond apartment


Raul Hernandez, 43, told Richmond police that when he arrived home to his apartment located in the 2100 block of Thompson Highway, he went to check his mailbox. As he was walking back to the parking area, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Hernandez went to his apartment and told his girlfriend that he thought he may have been shot.

Noticing blood coming from Hernandez's shoulder, the couple drove to Oak Bend Emergency Room find out what was going on. An MRI showed that Hernandez did indeed have an unknown caliber bullet lodged in his shoulder. His wound was non-life threatening.

Hernandez told police he observed what appeared to be a Lincoln Mark III pickup truck leaving the area of the complex shortly after the shooting, but has no idea if these individuals were involved in the incident.

Investigators are asking anyone who may know something about this shooting to contact them at the Richmond Police Department at 281-342-2849.

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