Deer attacks men in north Texas, chews on their pack of cigarettes


Joseph Rose and his buddy, Cole Kellis, noticed a wild buck in their front yard. They thought it was friendly so they started to approach it.

Boy, were they wrong! The buck turned and charged at the guys, trying to hurt them and sending them both running for safety in the back on a pickup truck.

"He came up and started poking me in my ribs so I grabbed him by the horns and pushed him back and hopped in the back of my truck," said Rose. "He climbed up here and put his front paws on my seat and got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing them. I think the deer tried to switch places. I think he was trying to hunt us!"

The deer then seemed to then gain superpowers, fighting off five responding police officers who ultimately used a Taser to subdue the buck.

The game warden says he's not sorry for the two guys for being attacked. He says it could have all been avoided if they'd just left the buck alone to begin with.

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