Galveston residents concerned about coyote attacks


We spoke to several people in this neighborhood and many of them say they've seen coyotes just walking down the street.

Little Aquamar is just what Lucia Mock needed after her pet of 13 years was killed in a brutal attack.

"There were pieces of my cat scattered on my front yard. The head and front legs were in one place. There was no middle. The hind legs were behind, then I found the tail somewhere else, and an ear in my flower garden," said Mock.

She's seen the same thing happen to several pets in the Colony Park neighborhood. Those who live here believe coyotes are responsible.

"It's an ongoing problem and I hate for it to go on like this because it's very heartbreaking, very heartbreaking. And it can be a human next time; it could be a child," Mock said.

Police have identified three different coyote dens within city limits. One of them is here in this wooded area behind a cemetery right in the middle of town.

Galveston Police Chief Henry Porreto says he's aware of the problem, but fixing it isn't easy.

"Coyotes are predators by nature, so they're pretty smart, so to speak. And the bait and the type of traps we have to use, they present somewhat of a challenge," Chief Porreto said.

Another challenge is that budget cuts and vacancies have reduced the city's animal control division to only one officer.

"Just one person and the size of Galveston, how much can you do?" said resident Doug Brinkman.

If you do come across a coyote, police recommend not trying to catch it yourself. Instead they say to walk away and contact authorities.

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