Harlem Globetrotters offer Houston Rockets rookie Royce White support, job opportunity


White, the 16th overall pick in the 2012 draft, has been absent from Houston's practices for almost a week and called the team "inconsistent' for how it was helping him deal with his anxiety issues and obsessive compulsive disorder. He said on Twitter that properly treating his mental-health condition is more important than his NBA career.

Enter the Harlem Globetrotters.

On Friday, the Globetrotters released a statement saying the team is reaching out to White to offer support as well as a potential opportunity to play professional basketball without flying.

"I have watched from afar an incredibly gifted basketball player who has struggled off the court with a fear of flying, and I truly feel for this young man," said Globetrotter Coach and Director of Player Personnel "Sweet" Lou Dunbar. "While we truly hope Royce can overcome his fears, and have a highly successful NBA career, I just want him to know the Globetrotters offer their support and another option to play professional basketball without a rigorous flying schedule."

Dunbar, who makes his home in the Houston area, added that many of the Globetrotter's games are traveled by luxury bus and White could be excused for any games played overseas.

ESPN first reported that White was prepared to walk away from the NBA. According to the ESPN report, he will meet with the Rockets on Monday to discuss his future.

White posted on Twitter: "I'm not PLANNING to quit, but if its between my HEALTH and BASKETBALL, health takes precedence."

The Rockets have not commented beyond White is "not available" and the Rockets will continue to support him.

The Globetrotters enter their 87th consecutive season in 2013.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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