Local Israelis, Palestinians keep close eye on attacks


It has been years, since the Gulf War, since Tel Aviv was under this kind of attack, and even here in Houston, Israelis are deeply concerned about what is going on in the Middle East.

This is the third day of air strikes in Tel Aviv residents are being asked to go to bomb shelters on a moment's notice with literally about 40 seconds to find shelter. Among those residents, the two adult children of the Consul General of Israel to the southwest.

Ambassador Meir Shlomois based here in Houston, but his children are there. The children were very small during the bomb alerts of the Gulf War.

"It was really traumatic and now it's actually a re-run, and Tel Aviv is under fire and my kids are in Tel Aviv and I am in Houston. So you can imagine that you wake up in the middle of the night, see that they're OK," said Consul General of Israel, Ambassador Meir Shlomo.

Ambassador Shlomo says the people of Israel are resilient, going about their daily lives as much as can, under the circumstances.

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