HPD: Drunk driver slams into apartment building


Police aren't sure exactly how an SUV ended up through the wall of the apartment, but they believe booze played a part.

SkyEye 13 HD showed a mangled fence and an entire wall missing from the apartment.

"I heard a loud bang, like an explosion," said resident Brenda Celestine.

Initially neighbors had no idea what knocked their units around.

"I heard an explosion and my chair that I was sitting on blew up in the air. and then there was another explosion," resident Anette Jimenez said.

The sound of the explosion was a Lincoln Navigator plowing through the brick walls of their apartment complex.

"There was smoke everywhere. I couldn't see," said Celestine.

Jimenez said, "I didn't know what was going on, so I got my purse and my keys screaming, 'Help me, help!' because I smelled smoke and gas."

Luckily as she ran out there were already five or six men ready to help because part of the staircase was gone.

"Saying 'Are you alright? Are you alright?' And they helped me jump from the top of the stairs because they crumbled all the way down," said Jimenez.

While her full-size SUV was pulled out of the vacant apartment covered in wood framing and sheet rock, an officer, holding her black purse, escorted the female suspect to the back of a patrol car.

"I just got shook up. I just got shook up," Jimenez said.

The suspect's arrest might explain how this happened. She was a taken in for DWI.

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