Alert officer finds undocumented immigrants in van


It all happened around 1:30am on Edgemoor near Hillcroft. The officer spotted some people running and tried to stop them. When he did, he discovered 24 people hiding in a U-Haul van.

Most of the people were undocumented immigrants from Mexico. At least one was from Honduras. There were also children in the group.

Police took them inside a suspected stash house to keep them warm. A wrecker driver tells Eyewitness News he saw the people running from the van.

"I couldn't believe it. How can you get 20 people in that van. It was amazing to me because I had never seen it before," said wrecker driver Oris Boutte. "But it goes to show you, you never know what goes on out here in the city and how many other vans are around like that bringing in illegal aliens."

So far, there's been no word of any arrests.

We are gathering more information and will update you on Eyewitness News and as additional details become available.

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