Some Tomball residents outraged over new adult novelty store


If you know Tomball, you know this location used to be a Blockbuster Video. Now a new business has moved in and it's become the talk of town.

In a conservative town known for its patriotism, tea room lunches and antique shopping, a new cat's moved in. And it's causing quite a ruckus.

"It's just, uh, not good stuff there," said one resident.

"I don't know what it has in it, but it doesn't seem like to me we'd be something we'd be proud to have," said another resident.

Katz Lingerie Boutique and Adult Novelty Store is Tomball's first sexually-oriented business.

"Yeah, there's playful things in there," said Stephanie Alzamora.

And situated off Highway 249, Tomball's main artery, you can't miss it.

"It's right in front of Walmart and there's a lot of children that come through that way, so I'm concerned about the youth seeing that," said Kathy Allen.

Children aren't allowed inside the store; you have to be 18. Clerks even card customers.

"Our customers have reacted negatively," said Buddie Cruze with Family Farm Health Food.

The health food store next door has been here for 35 years. Now steps away are scantily clad mannequins.

"Personally I feel it's in poor taste," said Cruze.

Katz wouldn't let our camera inside to show their merchandise, but its corporate office released a statement which read in part, "Katz is very excited to be a part of the Tomball community! We look forward to providing the city with fun and fashionable apparel and romantic gifts for your loved ones this holiday season."

Alzamora said, "It's not a pornographic store, it's not a strip club, there's no prostitution going on here."

And while it meets the city's codes and guidelines.

"Tomball's growing fast and it's a good thing," said Linda Miller.

Some just wish it would grow in a different direction.

"I just think it goes against what our town stands for," said Allen.

City leaders told us that Katz has a private agreement with Walmart not to sell anything that would "offend Walmart customers." That will of course depend on who you are.

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