SWAT standoff at grocery store ends with 3 in custody


Officers responded to the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store with a burglary in progress just before 3am. Authorities say two men were inside the pharmacy trying to steal unknown types of drugs and trying to break into a safe.

The men refused to come out and the Austin County Response Team was called out. Authorities say Terry Bell, 19, tried to escape the store and was arrested after being chased down by an officer.

Authorities say Darion Williams, 19, swallowed an unknown amount of drugs during the standoff. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was released. Williams now sits in jail. Both Bell and Williams are from Houston.

Police say 19-year-old Shawn Powers of Cypress was found and arrested down the roadway. Officials say Powers was the lookout for the two men inside the store.

The store remained closed at the start of the day. Not even employees allowed inside at first but the workday finally began, and customers were thankful things seemed normal at the store once again.

"I think the police department did a very good job and taking care of the situation immediately," said customer and vendor John Dyer. "Innocent people might of gotten hurt."

There was no major damage to the store.

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