Neighbors work to trap nuisance feral hogs


Homeowners and joggers hope the problem is brought under control soon, before more damage is left behind by the rooting hogs, and before anyone is hurt. Homeowner Alicia Steinkuehler says feral hogs decimated her St. Augustine on repeated nights last week.

"You can replace that," Steinkuehler said. "You can't replace a child or a dog, and that's what worries me right now. They're becoming fearless."

Steinkuehler says one chased her son not long ago. On Wednesday a neighbor shot footage of a hog rooting through a common area right next to houses during the day. Experts say this is uncommon because they are mostly seen only at night.

Last week, representatives for the Northfork homeowner's association met with nearby land owners and Texas Parks and Wildlife concerning a solution to the problem. It's believed that the hogs come into the subdivision from an adjacent property where cattle are raised.

According to a message sent to homeowners, the cattle rancher will be setting up traps, and representatives with Texas Parks and Wildlife have been granted access to his land in order to assist with bringing the hog population under control.

Additionally, homeowners were informed they can set up traps on their own property. At least one family that suffered severe landscaping damage did so, and discovered a feral hog in their trap Tuesday morning. The home is located directly across the street from North Pointe Elementary School.

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