Texans fever takes over Houston


With every win, fan fever seems to hit a new level and anything that has the Texans logo on it is selling like hotcakes. This could be the championship season for which the fans have been waiting.

It looks pretty quiet here at Reliant on this Monday, but looks are deceiving because Texans fever is in full swing and the best place to see it right now is at the cash register.

Sunday night's screaming Texans football fans may not be screaming for the team Monday, but they're putting their money where their mouths are -- literally.

"I was in the area and wanted a hat and we're very excited for the game, the win last night," said fan Xavier Sinegal.

For the first time in franchise history, the Texans are now 8-1. The tickets are sold out and the T-shirts and ballcaps and keychains and yes, Christmas stockings, are flying off the shelves.

"Merchandise has been really big; it's been up all year actually here in the team store, up about 100 percent. Online sales are up about 300 percent in the last year," said Texans VP Of Ticketing John Schriever.

This is where the Avila family came Monday morning to get pumped for the rest of the season. A season they hope ends in a Super Bowl win.

"I hope we go 14-2 at least and go to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl," said fan Alex Avila.

In the meantime, it is still November and the Texans face the Jacksonville Jaguars at home this weekend. Fans, naturally, are expecting another win in what has so far been an epic season.

"I'd be in New Orleans that weekend for sure," said fan Adrian Delagarza about the Super Bowl weekend.

The game against the Jaguars on November 18 is sold out, but there are tickets available through secondary ticket sellers and through the NFL Ticket Exchange and places like eBay. A quick check earlier Monday had tickets priced anywhere from $50 on up to $1,000.

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