Neighbors want action to clean up dumped junk


Neighbors in Oak Forest say they've been complaining about the mess for weeks now without much action. They say they're getting tired of the trash and just want the garbage gone.

"It's a sofa right here, a sofa over here," said neighbor Olga Villarreal. "So, it's pretty bad."

There's an old TV set, broken furniture, mangled mattresses and so much more piling up and spilling from this illegally dumped eyesore.

Neighbor Elizabeth Sierra said, "Just furniture pieces all over the place, ripped up and out of the couch and everything."

Some Oak Forest neighbors say an old brown sofa has been near the side of the road for nearly six months. Others say they've been complaining to 311 about this other pile of junk for several weeks now.

Villarreal said, "Nobody comes and cleans it up. Neighbors, we call to come and pick it up, but they don't come and pick it up."

Now some are worried the garbage is getting out of hand, posing a public safety hazard so close to the street. Neighbors I talked to tell me another thing that makes this mess so bad, is that the trash is spilling over on to the sidewalk, making it tough for some people to get by.

This heavy stuff is being dumped outside a small strip center on Rosslyn which neighbors tell me has been empty for several years. People at nearby businesses say the dumping typically happens overnight and on the weekends. Now they're pleading with the city to send inspectors here soon.

"Please come out and clean our neighborhood up," Sierra begged. "You know, it makes our neighborhood look like it's not a safe place to live and it is."

In addition to the neighbors, Eyewitness News has also forwarded information about this matter to several city departments and contacted the council member for this area. Since this is a holiday, we will be following up with the city about the illegal dumping.

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