Second Fisher House breaks ground at VA


The official groundbreaking for the second Fisher House on the VA Medical Center Campus took place this morning. The Fisher House Foundation provides a home away from home for families of seriously ill or injured military veterans and active duty personnel. Family members have a place to stay near VA hospitals, allowing them to see and care for their loved ones who are receiving treatment.

The families have their own rooms, with private bathrooms, laundry and a shared kitchen, as well as a living room with a library.

Ivonne Thompson is a military wife who has stayed in a Fisher House twice after her husband, a USNavy veteran, was injured in Iraq in April 2007.

"My husband went through a couple of incidents where we didn't think he was going to make it. The fact that I could be there at a moment's notice if, God forbid, if I needed to be, I was able to do that -- ... it's a safe haven," Thompson said.

There are 58 Fisher Houses across the world. There's already one here in Houston. The facility is constantly at 98 percent capacity, so this second Fisher House will accomodate the increased demands.

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