Judge rules in unusual custody battle of surrogate twins


Cheering and celebrating with her friends, Cindy Close just can't stop smiling.

"Off the scale happy, off the scale happy. This is what I hoped for," she told us.

Close is happy about a ruling regarding the twins to whom she gave birth as a surrogate back in July. She won a nasty legal battle with the twins' biological father.

"I had always known I was the mom, but to have the court validate that, I was almost over the moon definitely," Close said.

The father, Marvin McMurray, has claimed Close shouldn't have any parental rights because the twins aren't genetically hers. The two never had a romantic relationship, but Close claims they had an agreement to raise the kids together.

"This was a friendship thing. Surrogacy was never mentioned in regards to me," Close said.

This case has garnered national attention because it could set a legal precedent on what it means to be a mother.

"Had it gone the reverse, any woman who ever used donor eggs in Texas, could have and probably would have been questioned if their relationship broke up," Close said.

A judge has yet to rule on specific terms of custody, but Friday's ruling brings close one step closer to her ultimate goal.

"Once the legal issues are resolved, I hope that we can work together to raise our children in a harmonious manner," Close said. "They are absolutely my life. They are so precious and I have looked forward to them for thirty years."

We have reached out to both McMurray and his attorney. They have not returned our calls. Close heads back to court on November 26 to hammer out the details of her custody.

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